VR Game Design

8-Week VR Game Design Workshop | Fees 16,000/-

Futurists, technologists and creatives around the world are investing billions into the rapid development of technologies that put audiences at the center of immersive, interactive worlds — worlds we’ve only imagined in sci-fi fantasies, like the holo-deck of “Star Trek” and the virtual dystopia of “The Matrix” trilogy … worlds truly deserving of the name virtual reality. Experts are now suggesting that this future — one where we navigate the web like a real life city, or play the main character in a movie like our own version of “The Game” — is only 5-10 years away, with market estimates in the tens of billions for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality content alone. Alternative realities (VR, AR, and MR) are revolutionizing the scope of storytelling in the digital age. With the capacity to take the audience into a given story world and have them physically engage with that fictional reality, the gap between imagination and experience grows ever thinner.

Workshop Course Breakdown

VR Game Design
Week 1: Review VR concepts and introduce game design concepts.
Week 2: Intro HTC Vive and develop game mechanic through rapid (non-digital) prototyping.
Week 3: Complete series of tutorials in Unity/HTC Vive and develop game concept.
Week 4: Finalize game concept; complete gray box demo in Unity/Vive (aka project Alpha).
Week 5: Intro animation and complete advanced scripting in Unity/Vive.
Week 6: Playtest and refine interactions in Unity; import art assets.
Week 7: Add music and SFX, playtest, and refine (aka complete project Beta).
Week 8: Playtest and refine in Unity/Vive and project launch.

By the end of the VR Game Design workshop, students will have a playable demo of a VR game that works on the HTC Vive headset. Due to limited time, students will have to focus on a single game mechanic, which may serve as a playable concept for a larger scope VR game.

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