7 Amazing Career Opportunities in the VFX Industry

India’s Visual Effects domain, or VFX & Animation industry, has been growing from strength to strength in recent years..

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How is a Graphic Designer Career?

Graphic design is an increasingly in-demand career that offers exciting opportunities to work on branding campaigns for companies and individuals. If you’re an arts or

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4 specializations with a Visual Arts degree

Skills needed, expected salary and more. As the world becomes ruled by technology, we are surprisingly realizing the importance of creativity and innovation alongside it...

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Career in Gaming – Next Gen Technology

A career in Gaming|VFX|Animation? Here's your guide to choosing animation as a career option 1 VFX India’s Visual Effects domain, or VFX industry,

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Things you should know while choosing VFX as a Career

Hello, Friends today we are here to talk about VFX as a career. There are many career options available today for students in India but here today we will talk ...

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Common myths and misconceptions students have towards VFX

People in India have a lot of misconceptions about the VFX field since it’s a new and very less explored option. Students generally have many misunderstandings and queries. Below are ...

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8 Specializations and Courses in VFX – VFX & 3D animation career guide

In this blog we will discuss about the multiple specializations, courses in vfx. We will also try to provide you a road map to build up a great career in ...

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8 Reasons why you should avoid 3 years of BSC in animation and VFX

Hello friends, VFX and Animation being a booming but a new field is very less explored and students generally get misguided and end up taking a wrong path eventually playing ...

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