10+2 months of portfolio and soft skill development


Open Verse train the career aspirants to master the animation techniques so that they can start a highly paid career in the animation industry and make it big. India has about 300 animations, 85 game development and 40 visual effects studios. But sadly, only 15000 professionals are working. So, a huge demand for experts in animation industry can be sensed. So, animators have a promising life ahead.

We are a team of highly talented 3D professionals who worked and are still working with major 3D houses and have a vast list of movies under their name. We are aware of the ever-changing and relentless 3D industry that is the reason we have designed our course to make the student industry ready and most important at a higher level of 3D knowledge at the next level.

Our Institution provides the best 3D Animation training in India at affordable tuition fees. Open Verse is a setup of International artist, who worked with multinational VFX Studios before, for around 10 years. We have built a team of extraordinary talent to make sure our programs are taught at the highest level of quality and standards in India. Our program will hold up to the same level as required by the 3D Animation studios for easing out placements and push for career growth. Here at Open Verse, you get to be part of our family and we focus on bringing together like-minded people.


  • Drawing and Basics
  • Animation Principles
  • Body Mechanics and Locomotion
  • Introduction to Acting
  • Character Animation
  • Creature Animation
  • Project
  • Career prep and Demo Reel
  • Junior 3D animator training
  • Self-Personality development
  • Placement and program certification


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Foundation is the key to learning Maya quickly and easily. Get hands-on experience with Maya’s key tools and techniques through project-based lessons while you learn to model, animate, render, and add dynamic effects to your creations.

There are many great options for creating 3D animations. The two we have considered are Maya and Blender. Blender is a full feature set of tools for developing production quality 3D animations. This software company has incredibly versatile options, and it is possible to use this as someone new to animation or as someone who has done it for a while.

In the film industry, it is a highly collaborative role as well. If you like sitting behind a computer in a slightly darkened room toiling away on iteration after iteration after iteration, then yes, 3D animation is a good job. The animation is definitely a challenging job full of both creative and technical issues to be solved.

Not at all, Drawing or sketching is not needed to animate something in 3D. It’s just like some EDM producer who can create some Badass music in software but doesn’t know how to play Piano or Guitar in real. There are people who can sketch well but can’t make a good painting. We would say drawing & 3D animation are two different things.

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